Welcome to Evermore, the TFL approved fanlisting for Tales of Graces, an astounding Japanese roleplaying game created by Bandai Namco. It follows the tales of Asbel Lhant and his companions throughout their childhood into adulthood, where they are faced with a multitude of political, emotional, or otherwordly issues. The only constants they have are each other and the drive to protect those important to them. If you are a fan of this game, please show your love by joining this fanlisting! :)
3(+0) listed ♕ September 14th 2020
You are currently viewing version one of this website. It was designed to be soft, light, and easy to navigate. I wanted the look of it to portray the feel of the game itself, or at least how I feel when playing it. Somehow, it ended up looking very vintage and soothing, so I guess I achieved what I wanted to. xD Resources are from maeappleseed@DA, evenstarss@DA, and Hybrid-Genesis. The image was from Minitokyo. The fonts featured throughout are Muli and Ahellya.